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Is your business office clean?

Business Office Cleaning Program

  • LML will complete a full sight assessment to identify needs, touch points and frequency for your specific location.

  • A thorough DEEP CLEAN is completed to get to the LM L approved ‘Ground Zero’.  Nothing left unturned!

  • Book regularly scheduled cleans to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. These scheduled visits will push us back to our ‘Ground Zero’ level of clean satisfaction every time!

We are your local cleaning service

LML Cleaning Services is an accredited, highly respected and sought-after cleaning company that began as a part-time, one client venture.

In just a few years, it has grown into a thriving business comprised of residential and small business customers throughout the Saanich Peninsula.
Cleaning is not just what you see, it is about what you don’t see!

Our “cleaning for health” program ensures the maximization of our cleaning results.

At LML Cleaning Services we take pride in knowing that our Business Office Cleaning Program is making a difference for companies just like YOURS!!

Professional • Accredited • Bonded

(250) 413-7313

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